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Love is heat

Love is heat. You are sweet. When two Lips meet. Love is complete. Lots of kisses for you today!

Life is like a piano.

Life is like a piano. White keys are happy moments & Black keys are sad moments. But remember both keys r played together 2 give sweet music.

Take my heart, and be My Valentine.

What do you give a lady so sweet? Who makes my existence so complete. Should She get a Long-stemmed Rose? Perhaps some very heartfelt pros? A store-bought card with another’s word? Anything that’s purchased seems absurd. I would give you the World if it were mine, For now, take my

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Greet u a sweet night

Just go outside Or See through your window How pleasant scene it is Just look @ moon & Stars, Feel the cool wind They all are here to Greet u a sweet night

Please do not MISS me

Miss me. When u smell any rose. Miss me. When u taste any sweet. Miss me. When u look at the moon. but plz dont “MISS” me! when u raise up ur hands for prayer.

Love is Pure

Love is Pure Love is Sure Love is sweet poison that Doctors can’t cure