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Two elephants

Two elephants meet a totally naked guy. After a while one elephant says to the other elephant : “I really do not see how he can feed himself with that thing!”

Boy complains to his dad

Boy complains to his dad: You told me to put a potato in my swimming trunks! You said it would impress the girls at the pool! But you forgot to mention one thing! Dad: Really, what? Boy: That the potato should go in the front.

Hi i am marrying next week

Hi i am marrying next week there will be a small party and only few persons will be invited Hey don’t bring any gift just bring SOMEONE to marry me.

To the only boy I ever loved!

Gal: Do u have any sentimental love cards? Shopkeeper: How about this card, it says,”To the only boy I ever loved!” Gal: Great! I want 10 of them

Larke walo ki taraf se

1 pathan or sardar ki khoob pitai hui. Dono roza khushai me mufta torte hue pakre gaye or us per bolte hen ? ? ? ? ? G, wo, hum larke walo ki taraf se hy