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Two elephants

Two elephants meet a totally naked guy. After a while one elephant says to the other elephant : “I really do not see how he can feed himself with that thing!”

Boy complains to his dad

Boy complains to his dad: You told me to put a potato in my swimming trunks! You said it would impress the girls at the pool! But you forgot to mention one thing! Dad: Really, what? Boy: That the potato should go in the front.

Larka: aik larki ko chairte huwe

Larka: aik larki ko cherte huwe kahta hai k jan-e-man is dil mai a jao. Larki: sandil utaroo kia?????Larka:jan-e-man ye dil hai koi masjid nahi sandil pahan kar hi ajao.

A love letter from biscuit maker

A love letter from biscuit maker: Dear marie, today is good day, u r anmol for me… but u have crack jacked my heart, bcoz i have a little heart, now i m in 50/50 position…

How old is your father?

Man : How old is your father? Boy : As old as me. Man : How can that be? Boy : He became a father only when I was born

I am beautiful, which tense is it?

A very old lady teacher of English ask this question with the class: When I say “I am beautiful”, which tense is it? One pupil answered: Its the past tense of course.