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The fishermen love me, ut doctors hate me

Solve this riddle:- “The Fishermen love me. But doctors hate me. Kids want 2 eat me. I am a 13 letter word, Who am I? Hint _H_T_ _ _I_ _ME_ Answer=Chathuringmes (It is a technical word for worms)

I am made of 5 letters

I am made of 5 letters, If U remove the first letter, It is part of our body. If U remove the second letter, It is everywhere! Guess what ???! HAIR AIR – – – – – – Answer : CHAIR

Din se roshan, raat say siyah

Din se roshan.. rat se siah.. khaoo to haram.. piyo to halal.. aurat zindagi main aik bar use karti hai.. mard din main teen martaba.. quran main 5 dafa zikar hai.. meem se shuroo hota hai.. 5 harfon ka lafz hai.. Answer = Not known, if you know the answer

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Aik ——- larki

Aik ——- larki ——- par beath kar ——-geet ga rahi thi. In blanks main aik he tara ka word fill karna ha. Let’s see how much intellgent you r. Give me is challenge for you dear Answer=Gori

I will tell about your personality

Choose any number below, I will tell about your personality I will give you answer after your reply 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 00 Reply is must. Answer:- 00 = Duffer 11 = Unique 12 = Flawless 13 = Good Looking 14 = Jacks of all

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Tawe par pada popcorn

tawe par pada popcorn kyun uchalta hai???? . . . . . bolo boloo?? . . . kuch to bolo? . . answer:- . . tawe par beth ke dekho pata chal jayega !!!

I miss you (secret sms)

This is a secret msg send only 4 u, try 2 solve what it means: LISTEN – TL + MAD – SEN + ICE – CEAD + SUCCESS + YES – CUE + OUT – TESCS. GIVE ME THE ANSWER IF YOU KNOW answer=” I MISS YOU”